From Curaçao to the World: Ephrem J

With a name that is beginning to resonate strongly in different countries, Ephrem J keeps alive the strong conviction that drove him to the stage from an early age: “I will be an international artist that will place Curaçao’s flag up high.”  Born and raised on the island, where he matured and developed his artistic potential, Ephrem J is an interpreter with many multicultural strands, with indigenous, Latino, and Dutch roots, which he artfully brings together in the various rhythmic blends that make up his repertoire. 

Thus, he made his debut in 2007 with Speransa, a romantic album completely comprised of ballads inspired by love and passion. Ephrem J explains, “I was always attracted the ballad as well as R & B, and I wanted to start out there, where feelings are exposed more warmly.” Both singles “Speransa” [Hope] and “Stimabu So,” which has been translated into Spanish as “Me enamoré” [I Fell in Love] were positioned very high in the local popularity listings.

In his native country, he was awarded the Edgar Supriano Award for Artist of the Year by the National Association of Musicians and Artists.  He also received other honors such as the Karabela Awards and Premio Latino as well as other local awards that distinguished him with prizes for “Best Voice,” “Song of the Year,” “Soloist of the Year,” “Best Music Video,” and “Best Artist of the Year,” making him the most recognized singer-songwriter in his Caribbean region. With the release the same year of his second album Latin Evolution, which included several tropical songs, he not only showed his talent and versatility as a singer and composer, but it constituted his first official entry into the Latino market, taking him to Los Angeles, Florida, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and others. His new style, adapting salsa, bachata, and other Caribbean rhythms in different fusions, has allowed him to make his mark, becoming a recognizable and different singer.

In the wake of his last release, Ephrem J’s artistic agenda went on full swing with several shows in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He participated in the important Afrolatino Festival in Holland and then went to Suriname for a Salsa Conference, among many other projects throughout 2010. Some of his pending projects are aimed at charities, a constant concern in his years as an artist.

Ephrem J aspires to be known as an original artist but, above all, he says, “I hope that people recognize that new talent has emerged from Curaçao for the world.”

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