New Book: Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

Written in both French and English, this coffee table includes beautiful photographs of the gardens and interesting tidbits about the island gardeners. Here is a brief review from Amaze magazine.

Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean by Derek Galon and Margaret Gajek is an elegant, hardcover book presenting exquisite, spectacular photography and features some of the most incredible architecture of the Eastern Caribbean. Indulge yourself and savor the seductive beauty of this region. The first book in this series, Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean, won the Best Coffee Table Book of the Year Award at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Ceremonies in NY for 2010.

Because these enchanting gardens are intimately tied with their owners and creators, the authors have tried to present the various gardens as perceived through the eyes and personal experiences of the individuals who care for them. The book is a unique combination of art photography of the finest quality combined with a lightly written commentary; Succinct, enjoyable writing, enhanced by the home owners’ personal tales and comments. Each of the 28 chapters delivers a wealth of meticulously researched information plus fascinating stories about some of the world’s most extraordinary gardens and the extraordinary people who own, create and keep them.

The book ends with an extra chapter – a step by step presentation in flower arrangements by experienced gardeners from Grenada. It is also enriched by another dimension – a free audio CD with over-an-hour illustrative recordings of the Caribbean nature, designed as background sounds to give a fuller experience to all readers, and to virtually “bring them to the tropics”.

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