Latin American film-makers host weeklong festival in Jamaica

Film-makers from Latin America will showcase several of their films in Jamaica throughout the course of next week at this year’s Latin America and Caribbean Film Showcase 2010, the Jamaica Gleaner reports. This staging of the showcase will see a total of seven film pieces being displayed.

The film festival, to be held at the PCJ Building, 36 Trafalgar Road, New Kingston, will run from December 6 to 13 and will see two documentaries and five movies being showcased.

Among the films to be displayed are: To Fight and To Play, Like Water for Chocolate, The Posthumous Memoires of Bras Cubas, Subterra, Nine Queens, El Carro and Bosch President.

Bosch President

The most important political and social events that occurred during the administration of the constitutional government with popular backing, headed by Juan Bosch, in the Dominican Republic, during the first seven months of the year. The dramatic story of the government of President Bosch and the coup d’etat that overthrew him.

El Carro

Blunders and tribulations of a Colombian middle-class couple who adopt a 1950s Chevrolet convertible as the new member of the family. The Vélez family say goodbye to public transportation, then their old red car drives the group into a “comfortable world” portrayed in brisk sequence of episodes which change their life forever. El Carro plays for mild laugh and gentle pathos. You won’t guess the big problems and tribulations that this old red car sparks.

Nine Queens

The film opens with low-rent hustler Juan (Gaston Pauls) trying to scam the workers in a convenience store when Marco (Ricardo Darin) steps in to arrest him. In truth, Marcos is a veteran conman himself, and the two spilt money after fleeing the scene. Soon after, Marcos asks Juan to be his partner in a series of small-time jobs. When one of the men gets a message from his sister, the two head to the Tony hotel where she works. There they try to pull off a big con that was initially planned by an ageing criminal too ill to do it. The swindle centres around a fantastically accurate forgery of a rare stamp called the Nine Queens. As the two doggedly try to set up the deal, mobsters and the like learn of the job and try to horn in.

Among the countries which will be included in the film festival are, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico.

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