Kamala Harris’ Wins in California AG Race is a Jamaican first

Nearly a month after Election Day, Democrat Kamala Harris has been declared the victor in California’s attorney general race, nosing out Republican Steve Cooley. The press has followed the race of the “female Obama” closely, as this report shows:

The 46-year-old San Franciscan of Jamaican and Indian-American descent has grabbed lots of comparisons to Obama (that multi-ethnic background, the sparkling academic credentials, a “greyhound physique,” hugely ambitious), and reportedly, the California Democratic Party sees a gubernatorial or Senate bid in her future. The daughter of Jamaican professor of economics Donal Harris of Stanford University, Harris ran her campaign as a sort of anti-Mama Grizzly, taking great pains to come across as tough-tough, not lady-tough, and downplaying her femininity almost to a fault. But not her feminism: She told Dayo Olopade of the Daily Beast, “I was raised to be an independent woman, not the victim of anything.” And that unwillingness to dwell overly on identity politics seems to be her M.O. According to the L.A. Times, “asked to reflect on the meaning of her historic win — as the first woman, African American and Indian American elected to the post — Harris smiled brightly and said, ‘We’ll see!'”

Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding called the election “A proud moment for Jamaica as we celebrate with another powerful daughter whose roots originate from our soil. She has brought honor to her family here in winning a tight race against Los Angeles District Attorney and achieving this top position in the world’s most powerful nation. Attorney General Harris has made us all proud of Jamaica but even more so, she has provided another glorious moment for the women of our nation and the rest of the world.”

Portions of the report above have been reproduced from http://www.doublex.com/blog/xxfactor/kamala-harris-wins-california-ag-race

2 thoughts on “Kamala Harris’ Wins in California AG Race is a Jamaican first

  1. Did anyone tell Bruce that Harris is a big old gay rights supporter who campaigned saying she would not defend Proposition 8 in the courts (the California voters’ ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage recent overturned by court decision that is being appealed)?

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