Gay Rights Activists Turn Heat Up On Another Reggae Singer

Now that their usual gay rights target, reggae star Buju Banton, is under house arrest and facing a new drug trial, rights activists are turning their attention to another reggae singer, the Caribbean World News site reports.

Last Sunday, over four dozen gay activists showed up outside Harlow`s, a restaurant and nightclub in Sacramento, California, to protest the performance there of reggae star, Capleton.

The protesters accused Capleton of using anti-gay lyrics in his music, including words like `kill` and `burn` in reference to cleansing the world of homosexuality.

Capleton`s manager insists critics have mistranslated his lyrics. Similar claims have been made against Banton, born Mark Anthony Myrie, for his lyrics.

`We`ve had a lot of suicides; youth suicides because of hate speech that kids are inundated with sometimes,` Ken Pierce of Equality Action NOW, a gay rights organization, was quoted as saying of the protest.

However, the show went on despite the protest with Harlow`s Victor Torza, one of the managers of this family owned business, stating, `We`ve never censored anyone else; any other artist before. I don`t see a reason to do so now. Never in the history of booking the shows have we censored anyone because of their lyrics and what not. So, we`re sticking to our guns on this.’

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