New Singer: Jayanti

Afro-Europe blog has just featured singer/songwriter Jayanti, underlining that she has the best of both Surinamese worlds, Hindu and Creole.  Jayanti Bahadoersing is a new, talented singer, based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and, according to her blog, now performing in Los Angeles, California.

In an interview with Urban Monks, she explains that she grew up listening to the Jackson 5 and later, as a teenager, to female powerhouses like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson. She describes her music as a mix of pop, R&B, “with a bit of soul, funk flavor,” adding that most of her songs “have a spiritual angle.”

Listen to the recently (October) released “Girl from Mars” here 

See the artist’s blog at

See Afro-Europe blog at

For the Urban Monks interview, see

4 thoughts on “New Singer: Jayanti

  1. Every time I watch this video & others, I hear/see such sweet soulful swag, and can’t help but wonder; how long is it going to take before the world realizes what a unique and talented performer this young lady is? Such a gift! Thanx for sharing! ~

  2. Thank you so much, Ivette, for featuring me on your blog! Feels amazing to be embraced by my Caribbean people! :o)

    Desiré, thank you… I can’t wait to meet and sing for you one day..!!

  3. You are very welcome! We are always thrilled to learn about new and inspiring artists. The best of luck on your forthcoming performances. IR

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