“Under the Wings of the Butterflies”: International Day against Violence against Women

With its campaign “Under the Wings of the Butterflies” the Office of the United Nations (UN) in the country marks the International Day against Violence against Women, in memory of the Mirabal sisters murdered by the tyranny of Rafael Trujillo.

As part of the activities, the UN will sponsor several mobile cinemas in different localities across the the Dominican Republic, starting in poor barrios in the capital and sugar cane towns in San Pedro, to show the film Trópico de Sangre [Tropic of Blood], on the November 25, 1960, murder of the sisters Minerva, Patria, and Maria Teresa Mirabal, and at the same time initiate a debate for the audience to reflect on the crime. [Also see previous post Michelle Rodríguez is Minerva Mirabal in Trópico de sangre.]

In its campaign, the UN shows that violence against women and children isn’t a private matter and of a social nature instead and invites the population of all social levels to reflect on violence, spurring men and women to jointly fight it.

United Nations representative Valerie Julliand has said that just in Santo Domingo and Santiago, around 123 women were murdered until August, and 867 were victims of feminicides from August 2005 to 2009.

For original article, see http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2010/11/16/37643/The-UN-marks-the-murder-of-the-Mirabal-Sisters

One thought on ““Under the Wings of the Butterflies”: International Day against Violence against Women

  1. La verdad la pelicula me impresiono aunque no la vi toda completa y aun mas por tomar como referente a la violencia con la que fueron asesinadas estas valientes mujeres para implementar el dia de la no violencia contra las mujeres es terrible ver en latinoamerica como son violentadas las mujeres aun a cincuenta años de este fatal acontecimiento. Estoy en la busqueda de la pelicula para presentarselas a mis alumnos y analizen este fenomeno que no se ha podido erradicar.

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