Robert Kraft to Teach “Music in Film” Workshop in Havana

Songwriter, composer, and president of Fox Music, Robert Kraft, will offer a theoretical/practical workshop, called “Music in Film: Processes and Techniques” organized by the Industry Sector of the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, which runs December 2-12, 2010.

This is the second year that Kraft, producer, composer, and winner of an Oscar for Under the Sea (1989), participates in the festival. He was in Havana in 2009, when he presented a keynote speech at the festival. This time, he will teach a group of about 20 students the importance of the techniques and processes of music in film. For two days, he will work with composers, sound designers and filmmakers that will submit completed projects or works-in-progress, with a permanent, temporary, or unfinished soundtrack.

With more than 300 films under his belt, the musician is one of the important figures in his field of specialty, since he premiered under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola over 20 years ago.

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Photo of Kraft lecturing in Cuba in 2009 from

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