Trini Eco Warriors: Protecting the Leatherback Turtle in Trinidad and Tobago

The Trini Eco Warriors, whose mission is “to raise the collective awareness” about ecological issues in Trinidad and Tobago, have been working hard to protect the endangered leatherback turtle. The have campaigned against the harvesting of sea turtles are seeking to have legislation on turtle-hunting changed to offer the endangered species greater protection. Recently, they have sent information through Facebook to try to stop people from driving on the beach during nesting season. This is the message that they have posted:

During the months of March through September, Las Cuevas Beach is a nesting area for the critically endangered leatherback turtle. With only 30,000 to 40,000 of these ancient creatures still in existence in the Atlantic, some scientists fear the current rate of extinction means the leatherback population will be wiped out in about 20 years.

While we all enjoy taking out our 4 X 4’s on to the beach, we must also be aware that driving over a turtle nest can crush the eggs underneath, or even crush the young hatchlings attempting to reach the surface. Please do not drive on the western side of Las Cuevas Beach during the months March – September.

Trini Eco Warriors will discuss erecting a sign on this beach with the relevant authorities to make people aware of the danger to the leatherbacks posed by driving on the beach. Anybody willing to help sponsor this project, please contact us at or call Marc de Verteuil at (868) 310 9099, Kyle de Lima at (868) 302 9777, or Stephen Broadbridge at (868) 620 1989.

The Trini Eco Warriors are also hosting the fundraiser “Turtle Power” at Katalyst on Friday, November 19, 2010. The TEW exhort the public: “Come rock out for Trini Eco Warriors! We don’t want government or corporate sponsorship to fund our organization, because one day we might have to expose our sponsors for killing our environment. Be a part of it! Even if you don’t party (poor you!) still support the cause!”

For more on the Trini Eco Warriors, see

For information on turtle watching in Trinidad, see

3 thoughts on “Trini Eco Warriors: Protecting the Leatherback Turtle in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Hi,
    Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone who formed this organization; it is admirable what you are doing. I have only recently discovered the “eco-warrior” group, and I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to be a part of it. Whether it be helping in fundraisers or just helping to spread awareness. I am currently studying in Canada, so I will not be in Trinidad until December. If there are any projects/fundraisers taking place then and you need help, please let me know.
    Steffi Galt

  2. I am a Trinidad and Tobago Artist living in Germany and at the moment working on my second serie of Art works dealing with the Lederback Turtles called “Digital Lederback” and would love to get involve with the T,E,W, If ever there is a need for a design I would love help … oldgate Richard Williams.

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