Dominican Republic’s Natural History Museum exhibits “Fauna Dominicana”

As part of the International Year of Biodiversity the Natural History Museum is showing a photo exhibition, “Fauna Dominicana,” to celebrate the first year of “The Last Survivors” project.

The project is aimed at raising awareness of the last surviving Caribbean endemic land mammals and focuses conservation attention on these valuable but highly threatened species.

According to Dr. Jose Nuñez-Mino, field project manager, everyone should visit the exhibition to better understand these creatures so that more people can contribute to their protection.

The Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) is one of the most unique and ancient mammal species to be found on Earth. Along with its smaller Cuban cousin (Atopogale cubana) it belongs to the mammal family Solenodontidae. It not only represents one of the last two surviving native insectivorous mammals found in the Caribbean, but is also one of the only two remaining endemic terrestrial mammal species of Hispaniola.

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