New Book: Mapa callejero. Crónicas sobre lo gay desde América latina

This month Editorial Eterna Cadencia published Mapa callejero: Crónicas sobre lo gay desde América latina (2010) [Street Map: Chronicles on Queerness from Latin America] in their Nuestra América Series. Edited by José Quiroga, this collection gathers texts from all over Latin America to explore diverse perspectives and discourses on gay identities. The collection was launched last week at the Eterna Cadencia Bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Description: “From the Robinsonean communities that Sarmiento believed to have found on an island inhabited by only men, to the exuberant exaltation with which Dr. Thomas Romay informs on cases of hermaphroditism, the protagonist of these chronicles is always the more or less latent presence of an otherness that generates an attractive force, a mystery that models language and syntax.”

Mapa callejero includes quite a few Caribbean authors such as well-known Cuban writers José Martí, José Lezama Lima, and playwright Norge Espinosa, as well as Puerto Rican writers Moises Agosto Rosario, Manuel Clavell-Carrasquillo, Larry La Fountain-Stokes, Ángel Lozada, Félix Jiménez, and the late Manuel Ramos Otero. Recently, in a review of the collection, Clarín’s Ñ magazine (Revista Ñ), focused on writers Ángel Lozada and Félix Jiménez, explaining that both writers narrate the vicissitudes of gay identity in the context of patriarchal cultures. The article presented excerpts of Ángel Lozada’s “Loca por las compras” and “Cultura de primates” by Félix Jiménez. Both writers have previously explored gay culture, queer sexualities, and the construction of masculinities in the Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Writer Ángel Lozada is the author of La Patografía (1998) and No quiero quedarme sola y vacía (2006). Félix Jiménez is a journalist and the author of Vieques y la prensa (2001) and Las prácticas de la carne (2003). José Quiroga was born in Havana and educated in Puerto Rico. He is professor of comparative literature at Emory University (Atlanta). He is also author of Cuban Palimpsests, Tropics of Desire, and, with Daniel Balderston, Sexualidades en disputa [Disputed Sexualities]. He is currently preparing a volume entitled El libro de la fuga [The Book of Flight].

For the stories (in Spanish) by F. Jiménez and A. Lozada, see

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