Barbados to Help Develop Young Talent in the Diaspora

According to Chief Executive Officer of Barbados’ National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Dr. Donna Hunte-Cox, the foundation is preparing to export its National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) formula to help develop young Bajan talent in Britain and Canada.

At a press briefing to discuss the LIME NIFCA Performing Arts Showcases, which kicked off last week, Dr. Hunte-Cox said that the British High Commission was very interested in having a NIFCA-type activity in London and that a similar interest has been expressed in Toronto. She explained, “We have to tweak it a little bit, but [commission officials] have indicated that the children of Barbadians living in the diaspora are so far removed from their cultural heritage that they would like to have activities like NIFCA to help to hone and to recognize their skills [. . .]. After all, they are Barbadians. So we are developing a program to help . . . identify the skills of those people.”

For full article (and photo of Donna Hunte-Cox), see

One thought on “Barbados to Help Develop Young Talent in the Diaspora

  1. Hello Donna,
    Coming to Barbados…..leaving Baltimore Friday on Royal Caribbean to Barbados. Hope to see you when we are there. Everyone except Tyler is coming. Maybe you can give us some pointers on what to see.
    Tony Kumar

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