New Book on Caribbean Film: Cinema Paraíso

Cinema Paraíso: Representaciones e imágenes audiovisuales en el Caribe hispano [Cinema Paraíso: Audiovisual Representations and Images in the Hispanic Caribbean], edited by Rosana Díaz-Zambrana and Patricia Tomé is an anthology that gathers 26 essays reflecting on the visual manifestations and representations of identity, culture, and traditions integral to Hispanic Caribbean cinema.

Including manifestos and bibliographies, it offers a panoramic view of the recent activity of cinema and other audiovisual expressions in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. This is the first collection on cinema to reunite these three countries in the Caribbean in one single compendium. It serves as “a fundamental reference” and “a foundational text essential to the research and critical studies of the cinematographies of the Caribbean.”

Filmmaker and writer Edgar Soberón Torchia exhorts: “Take this book in your hands and make it yours. Its trajectory leads through the roots of the cinema of the Hispanic Caribbean, following the footprints of pioneering filmmakers that have built on the vast audiovisual heritage of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to arrive at a present full of images and sounds, rich in manifestos, cultural manifestations, proposals, and filmic products. Take a tour through these texts, which give a comprehensive picture of Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican, audiovisual projects that serve as virtual mirrors for search for identity and stir in/up post-colonial moments, transactions with literature, tradition, and the ‘motherland,’ and inquiries on the cultural being of beautiful lands, which are much more than paradises filled with palm trees, sun, and sea. Make them yours—book and national cinemas—and discover identity traits through one of the great inventions of mankind: film.”

Contributors: Enrique Ávila López, Luis Beiro Álvarez, Michael Chanan, Arsenio Cicero Sancristóbal, Rosana Díaz Zambrana, Juan Antonio García Borrero, Reynaldo González, Félix Manuel Lora, Kristina I. Medina-Vilariño, Frances Negrón-Muntaner, Daniel Nina, Jorge Pérez, José Enrique Pintor (Pinky), Axel Presas, Roberto Ramos-Perea, Irune del Rio Gabiola, Mª del Carmen Rodríguez Fernández, Lissette Rolón Collazo, Alex Serrano Lebrón, Leonora Simonovis, Humberto Solás, Alfredo J. Sosa-Velasco, Ann Marie Stock, Rita Tejada, Adriana Tolentino, and Patricia Tomé.

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One thought on “New Book on Caribbean Film: Cinema Paraíso

  1. “Cinema Paraíso: Representaciones e imágenes audiovisuales en el Caribe hispano” seems like a remarkable text, which I have been waiting on for sometime. Is there a possibility that a version in English will be released?

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