New Book: Elidio La Torre Lagares’ Correr tras el viento

Elidio La Torre Lagares’ new novel Correr tras el viento [Running after the Wind] has been among the 20 most requested titles on since its release. Correr tras el viento combines the thriller and noir genres novel with the romantic literary tradition. This is the author’s third novel.

The story revolves around Brad Molloy, a former convict on probation, who runs an aphrodisiac-trafficking chocolate boutique and dreams of a past love, Aura Lee. One day he receives a visit from a violinist whose task is to deliver a stolen Stradivarius. The man falls dead, poisoned by an overdose of San Juan Sour, a popular aphrodisiac disguised in chocolates, which Brad sells in his chocolate shop. Several parties are after the violin: a collector of stolen art pieces, a corrupt museum director, an unscrupulous police intelligence officer, the Russian Mafia, and the FBI. The valuable instrument, which belonged to the Cuban violinist José Claudio Brindis de Salas, carries a myth: the violin must be played before a beloved woman in order to fulfill an unfinished wish by virtuoso Brindis de Salas, known in his time as the Black Paganini. In the midst of these complications, Brad is reunited with Aura Lee, now wife of collector and philanthropist Paco Juárez. The novel speeds along a chain of errors, twists, and turns, laced with tragicomic elements, to arrive at a surprise ending.

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