Eerie underwater sculpture finished in Caribbean

If you go diving off Isla Mujeres near Cancún, Mexico, you’ll see more than the usual coral reefs and colorful tropical fish. You’ll see a ghostly crowd of people standing on the bottom of the sea. Silent Evolution is the creation of Jason de Caires Taylor, who specializes in underwater sculptures cast from real people. Taylor uses inert, PH-neutral concrete that doesn’t pollute the water. The figures attract sea life and become platforms for coral and other marine creatures. With coral reefs on the decline around the world, a little extra help from artists can come in handy. Check out the gallery below to see how life begins to grow on the figures, transforming them from realistic replicas of living people into something alien and a bit spooky.

Taylor took eight months to install the sculptures in a big crowd of talking, walking, and thinking people. The exhibition encourages repeat visits to see how “sea change” transforms the art into a living ecozone.

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3 thoughts on “Eerie underwater sculpture finished in Caribbean

  1. You might want to mention that Grenada was the first site for Jason’s underwater sculptures in 2006. The 2008 photos show some of sculptures with growth!
    It’s located at Moliniere Bay, on the west coast of Grenada.

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  3. WOW, I stumbled across this while I was randomly searching images on Google (it’s funny how really unrelated things can pop up in the search results) and I’m so glad I clicked to enlarge it! At first I couldn’t believe it but this installment is amazing! It gives me chills just by looking at the pictures so I can only imagine what it would feel like to see it in real life! Did you take these pictures yourself?

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