ICS Lecture: Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Women and Resistance to U.S. Colonialism

As part of its Conferencias Caribeñas 7 lecture series for the 2010-2011 academic year, the Institute of Caribbean Studies, of the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP), invites the academic community and the general public to the lecture “’La patria es valor y sacrificio’: Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Women and Resistance to U.S. Colonialism” by Dr. Margaret Power (Department of History, Illinois Institute of Technology). Dr. Luis A. Ferrao (Department of Social Sciences, School of General Studies, UPR-Río Piedras) will serve as commentator. The activity will be held on Thursday, November 4, from 1:00 to 3:00pm in Amphitheatre REB 238 (Ramón Emeterio Betances Building), School of Social Sciences, Puerto Rico-Río Piedras.

Dr. Power holds and MA from MA San Francisco State and a PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She teaches history of Latin America, global history, and women’s history. Her research interests include gender, ideologies, the Right, and conservative movements in Chile and Brazil. Power is currently researching the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party in the 1930s and 1950s and the solidarity shown in various groups throughout Latin America. She is author of Right-Wing Women around the World:  Feminine Power and the Struggle against Allende, 1964-1973 and co-editor of Right-Wing Women around the World: From Conservatives to Extremists.

This activity will be broadcast LIVE online via http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cc71. Comments and suggestions on this presentation will be very welcome at iec@uprrp.edu.

For further information, you may call Dr. Humberto García Muñiz, Director, at (787) 764-0000, extension 4212, or write to iec@uprrp.edu

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