University of the West Indies Assists Haitian Students

Kaieteur News reports that University of the West Indies (UWI) is assisting Haiti by offering opportunities to Haitian students. The article explains that close to 100 Haitian students are completing their courses of study at UWI-Mona in Jamaica and UWI-St Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago. Mona Campus librarians have also been involved by training several Haitian students in library studies.

After the January 12 earthquake, Vice Chancellor of the UWI Professor E. Nigel Harris, as President of the Association of Caribbean Universities and Research Institutions (UNICA), convened a meeting at UWI-St Augustine with universities in Haiti (the State University of Haiti, Quisqueya University, Notre Dame University, and Caraïbe University) to determine the country’s needs. The UWY committed to offering a scholarship programs to offer assistance to students close to their degree completion.

In September, UWI-Mona welcomed 26 Haitian scholarship students from the state university, Université d’Etat d’Haïti (UEH) on full scholarships to complete their studies at Mona for one year. Here, the Haitian students, who are all living on campus and taking English classes to improve their language competence, have been warmly received. The students are studying in the Linguistics, Pure and Applied Sciences, History and Archaeology, Psychology, and Economics departments. After completing their courses in Jamaica, they will return to Haiti where they will receive their Bachelor’s degrees from the UEH.

The St. Augustine Campus offered tuition and accommodation to 70 Haitian students from the state university. Most of these are students of Engineering, Agriculture and Management Studies. Also involved in this project are the Centre for Language Learning, Saint Lucian and other students who speak Creole, the Guild of Students and the Vice Chancellor’s Ambassadors (UWISTAT).

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