Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project Recognizes the Work of Mordechai Arbell

The Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project has recognized retired Israeli Ambassador Mordechai Arbell for the 2nd Tikkun Olam Award.

Mordechai Arbell was born in Bulgaria and moved to Israel with his family during the Second World War. After studies at Hebrew University, he joined the Foreign Ministry of the State of Israel, and served in posts as Consul in Bogota, Colombia, and Ambassador to Panama and Haiti. He was a non-resident ambassador to Haiti from 1972 to 1975 and visited Haiti on several occasions for community projects. He has devoted much of his life to documenting the story of Jews in the southern part of the New World. Arbell is currently a Research Fellow at the Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities in the East at Hebrew University, and is an advisor to the World Jewish Congress.

Tikkun olam [meaning to repair the world] represents social action, community service, and the pursuit of social justice. With the Tikkun Olam Award, the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project, commend Mordechai Arbell’s ongoing work in identifying the links between Haitian and Jewish historical trajectories. Arbell is the author of numerous books including Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the Caribbean and the Guianas: A Bibliography (1999), The Portuguese Jews of Jamaica (2000), and The Jewish Nation of the Caribbean (2002).

Bill and Harriet Mohr write, “You served your country and the Haitian people well and most recently, gave the public new insights for which we commend you [referring to his article ‘Haiti, Israel and the Jews’]. May you continue for many years to shine a bright light on Haiti and her people, and the meaningful connection between Haiti and the Jewish people.”

To read Mordechai Arbell’s “Haiti, Israel and the Jews,” see http://israelcfr.com/documents/4-2-8-MordechaiArbell.pdf

For more information on the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project, see

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