New children’s book celebrates Caribbean, Latin American produce

With illustrations for children and a subtle message for adults, a new children’s book is helping kids, parents and anyone else with ties to the rich culture of the Caribbean and Latin America take a trip home. In The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables, author Julia E. Antoine provides a complete reading and instructional experience for child readers, all while catering to the parents who may be reading along with them.

With illustrations from Frankniell Concepcion, instructions that help young readers learn their ABCs and even activity pages after each section that involve children by encouraging them to color on their own, the book also targets older readers because it details the history behind some of the fruits and vegetables and outlines how they can be prepared and eaten.

“This book is different because it shows the similarities that exist among the Caribbean Islands and Latin America,” says Antoine. “It was written so that parents who have moved away from their homeland and raised a family can take a trip back home as they reminisce about their favorite fruits and vegetables with their children and grandchildren, all while teaching them the alphabet.”

Perfect for parents, children and anyone interested in learning more about the Caribbean and Latin America, The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables reminds readers there are similarities between these two areas of the world; they use the same fruits and vegetables, even if they refer to them by different names and prepare them differently.

The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables is available for sale online at and other channels. A Spanish language version of the book, El Abecedario de Frutas y Vegetales Caribeños is also available.

About the Author:
Now an administrator of a career school in Connecticut, Julia E. Antoine’s love affair with writing began at the age of 19 when she started writing short stories for the local radio station in her home town which were read on the air. Though she took a break from writing when she moved to the United States to attend college, she has returned to her passion with a series of recent books. Antoine has earned several degrees, including two master’s degrees and a doctorate in higher education administration. She is very active in her community helping those in need, and is also the president of a non-profit organization that provides professional clothing to individuals for job interviews.

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