Cali prepares for film festival

Cinephiles in the city of Cali can enjoy a tribute to movie culture as the city prepares for the 2nd Annual Film Festival to be held October 29 – November 7. Over 324 films will be screened during the festival at venues throughout the city with movies from 26 different countries. The festival will open with an orchestral homage to music in cinema, with pieces from the soundtrack of epic films including Spiderman, King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, Schindler’s List, and The Godfather played by Cali’s Philharmonic Orchestra. “We consider the film festival to be an opportunity for inclusion and promoting social capital,” said Culture Secretary Argemiro Cortés Buitrago, “Art and culture are alternatives for people who believe in the creation of a peaceful city.”

During the festival, film fans can enjoy movie tributes to Cuba, Cali legend Andrés Caicedo, midnight movie madness featuring scary movies and zombies films, and musical documentaries about rock groups Manu de Chau and Cheb Mami.

For film schedules, click here.

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