Cuban Sommelier to Compete in the Dominican Republic

Earlier this year, the International Gourmet Fair of Cuba was sponsored by Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, the Club de Sommeliers de Cuba, the Culinary Federation of Cuba, and Palmares Business Group. As a culmination on the fair, the National Sommeliers’ Championship was held in Varadero with the participation of 40 Cuban sommeliers. Young sommelier Plácido Sariol Roque was chosen as the Best Sommelier in Cuba 2010.

This week, Roque, who works at the Amigo Ancon Hotel Club in Trinidad, in the central province of Sancti Spiritus, will represent Cuba in the World’s Best Sommelier Contest scheduled in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, from October 11 to 18, 2010.

This contest, held every two years and organized by the Worldwide Sommeliers Association (WSA) and Italian enologist Thomas Sartori, will include the participation of experts from Puerto Rico, Spain, Cuba, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Argentina, and Hungary, among others. The competition includes blind tasting, editing a wine list, pairing, and service, among other challenges.

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