Cayman Islands Brewery Recycles for a Cause

Cayman Islands Brewery has recently launched the “Recycle for a Cause” program. For every case of Caybrew, CayLight, or Becks bottles returned, the brewery will give a $2 refund (as it has been doing) and will donate $1 to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. According to James Mansfield, commercial manager at the Cayman Islands Brewery, the Recycle for a Cause initiative was inspired by his own experiences with cancer.

As October is breast cancer awareness month, and November is testicular cancer awareness month, the decision was taken to help promote awareness of cancer alongside awareness of recycling. Mansfield explains, “My thoughts around the initiative were that we obviously want to increase our environmental campaign, and a way to raise awareness about recycling is actually to donate some money towards the cancer society.”

The rate of bottle returns has increased about 10 per cent since the company introduced the initiative as part of their wider environmental program and Mansfield hopes that it will soon be 100 per cent. “It is a win-win—we can reuse the bottles, obviously that helps us and the environment and we can donate some money to the cancer society.”

The company site explains, “CIB is passionate about preserving the environment and has adopted internationally accepted environmental practices that contribute to the preservation and protection of the local environment. This is not by any means a cost saving measure; they do this because they genuinely care about the local community and assume responsible stewardship for its environmental wellbeing. By effectively managing precious resources and recycling bottles, spent grains, yeast and water, they have effectively established a new standard for environmentally sensitive brewing.”

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