Bahamian Filmmaker Looks at Poverty in “Look Up”

Kenrick Prince Andrews, author and director of Look Up, is hailed as the youngest filmmaker in the Bahamas. Before he left the Bahamas to study in the United States, Andrews produced two episodes of the television show “Teen Scene,” dedicated to showcasing young Bahamian talent. He was only fifteen at the time. Since then he has produced award winning short films documentaries. Andrews graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with an associate of science degree in video production, and is now pursuing a BFA in digital filmmaking at The Art Institute of Atlanta.

Look Up, Andrews’ newest project, shows his concern with poverty and homelessness.  It is a meditation on how poverty and homelessness causes human invisibility. In a recent interview, the filmmaker states, “Wretched poverty, hunger and homelessness know no race, creed, color, religion, gender, nationality or age. Nearly half the world’s population of people living without so much as a tin roof above their heads is comprised of those who are under the age of 12.”  See excerpts from a recent article with a link to the original below:

Look Up” is a dramatic short film which focuses on the life of its protagonist, John, a homeless male prostitute in his early twenties. John spends his days roughing it on the streets of Atlanta, whittling away the hours getting drunk; and his nights in alleys and dilapidated hotel rooms, sexually servicing anyone who can pay him. His world is ruled by lawlessness, wretchedness and treachery. Feeling a desperate need to escape this life, John chooses to find a way out, while he still can. Everything is looking up until he picks up what is supposed to be his last client and his life changes forever.  

Most people don’t wake up and decide that they want to be homeless,” stated Andrews. His fast paced, edgy film invites the downtrodden to literally look up; but also invites those of us who walk and drive by our fellow, beleaguered brethren – all while looking straight ahead – to literally stop to consider what our individual and community reaction should be to those whose existences are daily ground down upon the dust. 

Andrews’ film, “Look Up,” is currently in the fundraising process and needs your generous support to bring this powerful, timely, and relevant film to the big screen. For more information on how you can donate, log on to: 

See fundraiser video at 

For more information about this film, please visit

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For more on Andrews’ work, see the filmmaker’s and his blog at

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