Countdown for the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba

The countdown for the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba has started. Artists are arriving in droves at the airport and the excitement for the music festival is building. With its line-up of Marcus Miller, Swing Design, Cosy Cotton with Grana Louise, Red Fulka, Sazon Cubano, Ivan Jansen on Friday and Issac Delgado, Tizer with Karin Briggs, Serghio Jansen, Mystical Connection, Datapanik, Timbache and Off Shore on Saturday evening, the festival has a sure hit on its hands. On both evenings students of the Scol di Musica are performing and there is an art gallery with movies open to the public.

Passers-by the Cas di Cultura can see the work in process to get everything ready for Friday, October 8, the first day of the festival. On both days performances start at 6.30 p.m. A day pass costs AWG. 55,– (US 32.–). Tickets are available at MooMba Beach, Cliffix, Super Food, CD’s & More and at Cas di Cultura. For more information you can visit

On October 6 there is a special performance of Swing Design, a popular big band from Holland, at Café the Plaza at the Renaissance Marketplace. Swing Design is going to heat up the hearts of music fans with its rousing songs in celebration of the restaurant’s 19th anniversary.

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