Bermuda’s Ewart Brown Receives World Leadership Award from the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism

Premier of Bermuda Dr Ewart Brown received the World Leadership Award from the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx) at its conference which opened in Jamaica last week. The CMEx World Leadership Award is a special recognition established to recognize those who inspire others with their life’s work to the cause of sustainable tourism and development. Brown, who attended St. Jago high school in Jamaica, is delighted the 19th Caribbean Media Exchange is being hosted by Kingston: “To accept this award in Jamaica is particularly rewarding as their leadership on tourism is one that has inspired many throughout the region. It is also personally significant, as Jamaica is the country where I attended high school and spent many of my formative years.”

Brown is also Bermuda’s Minister of Tourism; in his acceptance speech he explained, “In Bermuda, we have made tremendous strides to revive our once moribund tourism industry. From targeting new air carriers to improving existing hotel properties and attracting new properties to our island, we have begun a tourism turnaround that will continue for years to come.” He urged Caribbean neighbors to build on their traditional ties to his island saying that “While Bermuda is separated from our regional partners by a vast ocean, we are deeply connected through historical, social and familial ties. We have much to learn from each other and we are proud of the leadership displayed throughout the region to develop tourism models that are innovative, resourceful and successful.”

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