Panel Presentation: Cuba’s Biodiversity and Havana’s Renewal

Flagler College and the St. Augustine-Baracoa Friendship Association are hosting a pictorial presentation and discussion of Cuba’s biodiversity and the restoration and renewal of Havana’s historic center. The presentations will be delivered by acclaimed Cuban photographer, Julio Larramendi, and Ana Lourdes Soto (President of Patrimonio, Comunidad and Medio Ambiente) and Magda Resik (Director of Communications, Office of the Historian of Havana). The event is free and open to the public. It will take place on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, at 7:00pm in the Flagler Room of Flagler College, located at 74 King Street in St. Augustine, Florida.

Julio Larramendi’s photos illustrate more than 35 books, many having to do with Cuba’s biodiversity and historic architecture. He has exhibited in Cuba and abroad, and has won prizes for his work nationally and internationally.

Magda Resik is a journalist and writer and currently the Director of Communications for the Office of the Historian of Havana, the leading force in the preservation and renewal of Old Havana.

Ana Lourdes Soto is the President and Director of Patrimonio, Comunidad and Medio Ambiente (Heritage, Community, and the Environment), a non- governmental organization under the auspices of the Historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal. Since 1967, their goal has been to make the restoration of Havana’s colonial zone economically sustainable by putting all revenue from tourism and foreign investment into historic preservation of the buildings, as well as for social and environmental programs for the inhabitants. The project of integral development and rehabilitation has been recognized internationally for its strategy of involving the local citizens in the rescue of an enormous patrimony while paying attention to economy, social issues and the environment.

For more information, call (904) 806-1400.

[Many thanks to Soledad Pagliuca for bringing this item to our attention.]

See photo of “El Malecón,” by Julio Larramendi and more of his work at

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