Wyclef certainly not “fit” to be president

Well, I have to confess to find the stress and fatigue of Wyclef Jean intriguing . . . and oddly revealing. So here’s this guy, as reiterated again by the report below (which mentions that he has returned home after a brief hospitalization caused by the stress and fatigue of running for the Haitian presidency), sooo tired from a few weeks of stress that he needs to go to hospital.

It is not that I am unsympathetic. I wish I had a thousand dollars for every time the thought of calling in sick has crossed my mind when confronted with the urgencies of work and the stress of coping with the snake pit that is academia. So I am sympathetic.

But I was in Haiti just a few weeks ago, and the pain, exhaustion, misery, trauma, grief, need, hopelessness, and heartbreak I saw in the country was such that it became at times unbearable. But the citizens of Port au Prince have to bear it . . . and bear it they do with all the strength and dignity they can muster. They cannot check themselves into the hospital because they’re stressed. There is little respite for them if they have a headache. There is little chance for desperately needed bed rest. So pull yourself together, Wyclef. Your exhaustion and stress just prove that you’re not fit to lead those you call your people. I, for one, don’t want any more updates on your sorry condition. What a wimp!

You can read about his condition below if you must.

After being admitted over the weekend for exhaustion and stress, Jean is home from the hospital and is recovering. The singer had been having headaches for several weeks and plans to get some “much need bedrest” in his New Jersey home.

Spokesperson Maria Salzman told reporters that the singer was recovering from “an exhausting eight months, since the earthquake when he recommitted himself to our homeland,” she said. “He’s just plain exhausted and pushed himself way beyond human limits.” Salzman also added that he would resume his regular schedule next week.

Jean put in a bid for the presidency of Haiti on August 5th, but was forced to withdraw when Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council rejected the application because Jean would not meet the residency requirement. Jean’s next solo album, If I Were President: The Haitian Experience, is due next year. “Some battles are best fought off the field,” Jean explained, “and that is where we take this now.”

The 40-year-old has asked for fans to “bear with him” while he recovers his mental and physical strength. “Then he will be back out in front of the crusade to rebuild Haiti and his pledge to make it even better for business,” a press release said. “Wyclef is planning to be back to work a week from today and just needs some space to regroup from sheer exhaustion.”

For the original report go to http://ravayu.com/wyclef-jean-home-from-hospital-642.html

Wyclef caricature from http://open.salon.com/blog/duaneart/2009/07/06/celebrity_caricatures_in_watercolor_and_designers_gouache

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