Junot Díaz and Rhina T. Espaillat Honored at SEMADOM

Two Dominican writers—Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz and T. S. Eliot Prize winner Rhina T. Espaillat—were honored in a ceremony hosted by SEMADOM [Semana Dominicana en Estados Unidos / Dominican Week in the United States]. SEMADOM and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Washington, DC, recognized the two intellectuals in a ceremony held at the residence of Ambassador Roberto Saladin. Both received a plaque from the President of the Organizing Committee of SEMADOM Luis Heredia Bonetti.

Díaz stressed his attachment to the Dominican Republic and assured the audience that he continues to write about it: “I am still working and struggling with this cyclone because on the one hand, I see a corrupt, difficult, and poor country, but on the other hand, I see an honest, rich, hard-working country.” He added, “I love Santo Domingo with a deep, love not because I was born there or because I have Dominican parents, but because this land deserves a profound love. I think that anyone that knows this place, the real country—not the one in the advertisements, or the mask, or what newspapers say—falls in love with this land.”

For full article (in Spanish), see http://www.impre.com/laopinion/entretenimiento/2010/9/27/premian-a-escritor-dominicano–213138-1.html

One thought on “Junot Díaz and Rhina T. Espaillat Honored at SEMADOM

  1. This is great finally the Dominican Government is realizing that they need to honor those Dominicans who are in the US and have done things which have place the country in a good light. Most of us Dominican here in the US feel really alone. These recognitions are important.

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