Buju Banton’s new album released today

Buju Banton’s new album Before the Dawn has been released in the US, just a day after jury deliberations in his drug trial resulted in a mistrial.

Banton, born Mark Anthony Myrie, has released his tenth album today. Despite having spent the last nine months in jail awaiting trial, Banton reportedly had a lot of involvement in the record’s release. The singer, 37, has been in contact with is producers and engineers over the phone from prison, as well as being in control of the track listing.

Tracks on the emotionally charged LP include album closer “Innocent,” which is said to be a direct message to Banton’s detractors.

Before The Dawn will be released in the UK on October 4, and fans who purchase the hard copy will receive a note written by Banton from inside the jail where he has been housed for the past few months. The controversial dancehall act has received criticism in the past from those who have accused him of promoting homophobia through his music. His recent U.S. tour was marred by protests and cancellations.

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