Mistrial declared in Buju Banton drug case!

The jury hearing the drug trial of Jamaican music star Buju Banton has finished its deliberations and the verdict is . . . well, there is no verdict since a mistrial has been declared. Here’s the latest report.

A mistrial was declared Monday afternoon in the drug trial of reggae star Buju Banton. Jurors informed the judge today that after three days of deliberations they are split.

“We are still split on a decision and after reviewing evidence, nobody has changed their minds from our original vote on Thursday,” said a note delivered to the judge from the jurors.

U.S. District Judge James Moody had implored jurors to continue working on a verdict but to no avail. A mistrial has been declared and Federal prosecutors have decided–at least for the time being–that there will be a retrial. A new trial date has been set for December.

Banton’s attorney David Markus made an application for bail for his client and was told that the court would hear the application tomorrow. Banton seemed relieved when the announcement of a new trial date was made. He has been held without bond since his December arrest in South Florida.

Banton had been charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine and aiding two others in possessing a firearm during the course of cocaine distribution. He faced up to life in prison.

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