New Edition: Anguilla’s Battle for Freedom 1967-1969

A new edition of Anguilla’s Battle for Freedom 1967, first published by Colville Petty and Nat Hodge in 1987, will be launched at 7:30pm on Tuesday, October 5, 2010, at the Teachers’ Resource Centre in The Valley, Anguilla.

The new title, Anguilla’s Battle for Freedom 1967-1969, reflects the changes made to this updated edition; it includes a chapter on the 1969 British invasion of the island. The 216-page book offers a descriptive account of the main events of the Anguilla Revolution. The book blurb explains: “Anguilla’s Battle for Freedom 1967-1969 is a masterful recount of Anguilla’s revolutionary history. The voices of the past speak to us from the pages giving us insight into the hearts of men and women who, with nothing but faith and the belief in their cause, set out to free Anguilla. With poignant clarity and striking realism, Petty and Hodge bring to life the story of an island where the traditional values of determination, dignity and self-respect ingrained in a people, oppressed by deprivation and neglect, ignited a revolution.”

The main outlets for the book in Anguilla are The Anguillian newspaper office, Cauls Pond Road, Stoney Ground; Coral Reef Bookstore, Little Harbour; the Anguilla Drug Store, The Valley; and Heritage Collection Museum, East End.

Nat Hodge worked many years as a journalist in St. Kitts. In Anguilla, he served as news editor and later Director of Information and Broadcasting in the Anguilla Public Service. He is now editor of the weekly newspaper The Anguillian.

Colville Petty, an authority on Anguilla’s history, is the curator of the Heritage Collection Museum, which is located in East End, next to the East End Pond Bird Sanctuary. The collection covers Anguilla from pre-colonial times and the Amerindian world, and the years of plantations and slavery to modern times, including artifacts and extensive information about the revolution of 1967.

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