Name Change Proposed: From “Paseo de La Princesa” to “Paseo Pedro Albizu Campos”

On September 23, 2010, during the 142nd commemoration of the Grito de Lares uprising, Puerto Rico’s national poet Hamid Galib proposed that the Paseo de La Princesa, a promenade bordering the colonial city walls of Old San Juan, be renamed Paseo Pedro Albizu Campos, in honor of the Puerto Rican nationalist. The proposal seeks to offer “perpetual honor and well-deserved memory to all those who were prisoners in the La Princesa Prison, located on the promenade, during the several nationalist revolutionary actions that occurred on the island in the 20th century, including the Ponce Massacre of 1937 and the Nationalist Revolution of October 30, 1950.”

It was precisely in La Princesa, five decades ago when it was still a prison, where Albizu Campos was jailed and tortured for advocating independence for Puerto Rico. Galib explained that “all these nationalist actions were carried out for love of Puerto Rico” and that the promenade should honor “the life of sacrifice of ‘El Maestro,’ who suffered so much in that prison for national redemption.”  The poet advised that serious consideration be given to this idea and suggested that, if the authorities in charge of naming public spaces did not respond to this request, the people themselves should give the promenade its name by calling it, at all times, Paseo Pedro Albizu Campos.

[Shown here, Paseo de la Princesa and the Raíces Fountain, located on the promenade.]

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