Love My Bahamas Art Experience Officially Unveiled to Public

According to historical accounts, downtown Nassau was the heart of the city. The streets were kept alive by the soothing timbre of jazz music, and the vibrancy of calypso and rake & scrape.

Downtown Nassau in those day was compared to London or New York City. It was the place for gathering and engaging with natives and visitors to the island. More importantly downtown Nassau is and has always been an icon in Bahamian history and attraction for visitors all around the world.

The Caribbean Bottling Company and Coca Cola have joined forces with the Downtown Nassau Partnership, the Ministry of Tourism and the National Art Gallery to bring this same buzz and excitement back to the downtown area with the unveiling of the Love My Bahamas Art Experience. This is a great display of art installations by local and international artist, that is designed to enliven and restore historic Nassau.

Now, the collection of art known as Love My Bahamas is officially open after a ceremony held on September 7 at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel.

The evening included a cocktail reception, an opening ceremony, and a tour of the art installations.

On hand at the event was Deputy Governor-General Frank H Watson, Minister of Culture Charles Maynard, international and local executives from Love My Bahamas co-sponsor Coca-Cola, and other sponsors including the Ministry of Tourism, Downtown Nassau Partnership and the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.

Walter Wells CEO of Caribbean bottling Company said although the Downtown area has a long way to go, the Love My Bahamas Art experience is one step closer to the rejuvenation of Bay Street.

“I call Love My Bahamas a journey because that is how I see this, as one step on a long and eventually fruitful journey that will transform downtown Nassau into a vibrant, exciting city where there is a strong mix of retail, dining, art, professional offices and financial institutions.

“I believe we can bring that buzz back which is why we at Caribbean Bottling and Coca-Cola have joined forces with the Downtown Nassau Partnership, the Ministry of Tourism and the National Art Gallery to sponsor Love My Bahamas. We understand the enormity of the revitalisation. That is also why we selected Love My Bahamas as worthy of the single largest sponsorship in the company’s 70-plus year history,” Mr Watson said.

He hopes others can use this as inspiration to take part in the restoration and preservation of the area.

“We hope that our contribution inspires others to take the City of Nassau, our own historic treasure, and make it their own, to adopt a project or a block or a bit of landscaping or lighting to lend a hand and make an investment.”

Fifteen artists, including two from Grand Bahama and two from the United States, toiled for months creating murals that depict Bahamian themes and scenes. The artists included Antonius Roberts, John Beadle, Chantal Bethel, Lillian Blades, John Cox, Claudette Dean, Tyrone Ferguson, Maya Hayuk, Jace McKinney, Toby Lunn, Kishan Munroe, Jolyon Smith, Allan Wallace, Arjuna Watson and Daniel Weise.

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