“Mas Man Peter Minshall” Wins Best Documentary at New York International Film Festival

The New York International Festival (NYIFF) announced that “Mas Man Peter Minshall” has won the prestigious Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, South Florida Caribbean News reports. Directed and produced by Dalton Narine, “Mas Man Peter Minshall” is a compelling 56 min. avant garde documentary about Caribbean carnival designer Peter Minshall. Mas Man, subtitled Peter Minshall, Trinidad Carnival Artist, is neither story nor biography, but a portrait of the Trinity Cross and Emmy Award-winning designer who compiled mas bands across three decades and served as an artistic director for Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake City.
Watch the trailer of Mas Man, www.sflcn.com/multimedia.php?id=1MATTFC8cVs
In this award-winning documentary, mingling traditional elements with novel ideas and pushing his hybrid designs as upper-crust art, Minshall authors a controversial term ‘mas,’ distinguishing presentations at Trinidad’s annual Carnival with themes about the complexities of life and the incompleteness of man, eventually exalting his art at three Olympic games.
NYIFF Director Rich Rossi said, “There were a total of 65 documentaries screened at the NYIFF and Dalton Narine’s artistic merit, content and original avant garde style on ‘Mas Man’ was a favorite among the selection committee and Jury.”
NYIFF Founder Stuart Alson commented, ‘Mas Man Peter Minshall’ is simply brilliant in every way and it’s a festival highlight. Director Dalton Narine is talented and the movie is a hit with our NY audience as well as distributors and critics.”
NYIFF ran from July 22nd-29th in Manhattan and showcased a diverse range of 200 features, shorts, documentaries and animations from around the world. 33 countries and territories were represented including: Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Chile, Turkey, Hungary, France, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Greece, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Poland, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal, UK, Bahamas, Canada and all over the US.

For more from the original report go to http://sflcn.com/story.php?id=9142

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