Macy’s to launch ‘Heart of Haiti’ home accents collection in October

Macy’s announced a new initiative, “The Heart of Haiti,” to bring trade and aid to the earthquake-devastated country through a program for selling traditional Haitian artisan home décor products. The collection, created by Haitian artisan survivors, will be available in 25 Macy’s stores and on in October. Monies are being sent to Haitian artisans to buy needed materials to return to work, and more than 200 artisans are already at work full-time.

Haiti’s culture includes a vast diversity of traditional, handmade products such as hand-tooled serving trays and up-cycled oil drums from the blacksmith community in Croix des Bouquets, the work in papier maché from Carnival Jacmel artists, and a women’s quilting cooperative in Cité Soleil. A selection of these artworks will launch as the exclusive Macy’s “Heart of Haiti” collection, including quilts, metalwork, ceramics, wood-carvings, paintings and jewelry.

The effort is designed to work on two fronts – engage with international designers and retailers to source more handicrafts from artists as well as work closely with the artisans themselves to increase their capability to fulfill new orders. “Now more than ever, Haiti needs creative spirit. With help and hard work we will rise again,” said Serge Jolimeau, Master Artisan of Haiti’s Croix des Bouquets.

Each item is designed by Haitian artists exclusively for Macy’s and made by hand by local artisans. Each piece is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Currently, Macy’s carries products made by master artisans from across the developing world, including Rwandan “Path to Peace” baskets, which have employed thousands of survivors of that nation’s 1994 conflict. Now in its fifth year, the relationship between Macy’s and the Rwandan weavers remains an enduring partnership – providing education, healthcare, clean water, plentiful food, and dignity in Rwanda.

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5 thoughts on “Macy’s to launch ‘Heart of Haiti’ home accents collection in October

  1. I would like to see macy’s carry a haitian art gallery permanently, not for ONe night. I would also like to know how to access the site that sells more of what I saw at macy’s. They ran out of many pieces and said we could go on line to order more. any info on this?

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