Senior and Female Cricket Teams Chosen to Represent Nevis

Nevis is poised to celebrate Independence Day on September 20, 2010. Caribbean New Now reports that the Nevis senior cricket squad is set to create history in these celebrations. The players, for the first time ever, will be represented in the Independence Parade along with armed and unarmed forces representing various national corps.

President of the Nevis Cricket Association Ronald Powell says that it is all part of image building and patriotism, adding that “There are times that as cricketers we have been seen in a less than positive light. Here is a chance to give back to the community and demonstrate that as cricketers you are involved in things that are positive and uplifting.” The Nevis squad is also participating in the 2010 Leeward Islands cricket tournament this week.

Furthermore, a 14-member female cricket squad has been selected to represent Nevis on a weekend tour to St Maarten before the end of the year. After being ratified, the team will be called to practice under Coach Wendell Wallace. Women who are interested in mastering the hard ball version of the game will also receive specialized practice.

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Photo of Leeward Islands Senior Cricket Team members from

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