Haiti Presidential Candidate Michel Martelly Supports ECCO2 Haiti Plan to a Cleaner and Greener Haiti

Michel Martelly, Haitian Presidential Candidate (www.martellyforhaiti.com), is placing his endorsement and support behind ECCO2 Corp (www.ecco2usa.com) who recently announced their plans with the Haitian government to launch ECCO2 Haiti Project; a clean-tech project directed towards reducing carbon emissions by installing ECCO2 patent technologies throughout the Republic of Haiti.

Despite Martelly’s popular candidacy status within Haiti’s presidential election, Michel Martelly strongly identifies with the extraordinary effort and robust leadership to achieve the ECCO2 Haiti goals of building the “new Haiti” and urges the other presidential candidates to encourage these same efforts. Martelly comments, “ECCO2 Haiti project brings about so many positive aspects in terms of creating a cleaner and greener Haiti. ECCO2 places our nation in the forefront of the fight against global warming, to giving our people job opportunities, and providing a much needed increase in Haiti’s steps towards economic recovery.”

Member of Grammy Award winning group, The Fugees, and social activist, “Pras” Michel voiced his sentiment on the matter to the press stating, “This is why I have thrown my full support behind Michel Martelly. He’s never afraid to push positive agendas for Haiti. ECCO2 Haiti Project is a long time coming. The project creates employment opportunities for the Haitian people who need them. To have a leader who can put his weight behind these types of programs is equally as important.”

The Republic of Haiti has been a member of the Kyoto Protocol since 2005 and currently has an estimated national carbon footprint of 10 million metric tons per year according to current statistics. ECCO2 Haiti Project is expected to offset as much as 80 million metric tons of carbon emissions over the next 10 years. The carbon emission offsets will generate certified emission reduction credits (CERs) holding a current value of about $1.5 billion (USD). The carbon credits will be sold to various trading firms and investment banks to finance the ECCO2 Haiti Foundation; a Florida based not-for-profit organization whose primary focus is to further economic development in Haiti using environmental initiatives as its catalyst. ECCO2 Haiti Foundation president, Cary Lee Peterson and vice president, Benjamin Aubin share mutual confidence and anticipation to obtain cooperation from businesses and supporters worldwide to aid short and long term goals for supporting initiatives for a new Haiti. 

For the original press release go to http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Haiti-Presidential-Candidate-Michel-Martelly-Supports-ECCO2-Haiti-Plan-Cleaner-Greener-1317325.htm

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