Art Exhibition: Patrick McGrath Muñiz’s “Era Dorada”

Patrick McGrath Muñiz’s “Era Dorada” [Golden Age] is on view at the Art Gallery of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón [Sacred Heart University] in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The exhibition opened on September 2, 2010.

The show consists of 22 pieces in oil on canvas and wood, tempera on wood, and ink drawings. Inspired by classical and Christian iconography that recurs in Western art, the artist paints small scenes, using painting techniques similar to those of Renaissance and Baroque altarpieces, but punctuated by thematic elements from contemporary life. His work is “conceptually inspired by the past to expose issues and current situations of great importance.” “Through historical, religious, and mythological events the artist delivers social, economic, and political comments that invite and encourage the spectator to think reflect.”

Patrick McGrath Muñiz was born in New York in 1975. At an early age, his family moved to Puerto Rico where he pursued studies in graphic design and painting at the San Juan School of Fine Arts and completed his bachelor of arts. He also earned a master’s degree in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design from which he graduated summa cum laude. His thesis show “Iconsumer” was exhibited in Savannah, Georgia and later at the Museum of the Americas in San Juan. For this show, the artist received the Prima Opera award given by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). McGrath Muñiz has presented his work in Guatemala, Holland, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States. In Spain, he was awarded the Francisco Goya prize in 2008.

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