Ital Bajan: Fiji-based Barbadian Reggae Singer

George Gill, better known as Ital Bajan, is a Barbados born musician based in Fiji, where he is a hit, according to The Bajan Reporter. He has held wildly varied jobs—stock broker, actor, clown, and musician, with a detour through soccer— and has lived in numerous places—Texas, (USA) Italy, Barbados, Australia, and Fiji. The name “Ital Bajan” is his way of paying homage to his Italian mother and Bajan (Barbadian) father, both musicians. Furthermore, in Rasta terminology “ital” can mean fresh or vital.

Now Bajan’s “She Went,” the first single off Ital Bajan’s EP, “A stop for every journey,” has been released with Aitown Records. The video for this song, directed by Tiziana Forletta and Pietro Vecellio with photography by Renzo O. Angelillo, can be seen here:

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