St. Lucia soccer team honors slain scorer in NY

Members of a St. Lucian soccer team played in remembrance of a slain teammate as they took the field for a final match in a New York City tournament. The team took the field Sunday in Brooklyn with heavy hearts, determined to win for their slain star Isidore Phillip Tisson. Tisson was shot to death while the team was out celebrating early Aug. 30. He had scored the winning goal that pushed his team into the finals of the Digicel Caribbean Cup. It’s an annual showcase for Caribbean talent.

The team ended up losing the Digicel Caribbean Cup to Jamaica in a 1-0 nail-biter, but grieving relatives said the determination of Tisson’s teammates left them feeling like champions. The New York Times reported that Tisson’s father was at the game, cheering on the team. “It’s okay. We are all winners,” Tisson’s father, Phillip Alcee, said following the hard-fought match. Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with his son’s face, Alcee said the game was his first uplifting moment since his 27-year-old son was gunned down leaving a Crown Heights club last Monday.

“I’m trying to stay strong. I have no more tears,” said Alcee, who plans to bury Tisson in St. Lucia after his funeral in Brooklyn on Thursday.

Detectives hunting for Tisson’s killer attended Sunday’s match, mingling with the crowd of more than 500 people.

Teammates said they missed Tisson, the star striker whose game-winning goal Aug. 29 propelled St. Lucia to Sunday’s championship game. “It was the hardest game I ever played,” said St. Lucia player Simon Polius, 32. Teammate Able James, 20, said he felt Tisson’s presence on the field and was crushed that St. Lucia came up short in its attempt to upset Jamaica, the defending champion.

“We played for Tisson. We played for our country,” James said.

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