Jamaica: Movie Ghett’a Life wraps on schedule

Ghett’a Life, Chris Browne’s new feature film has completed its principal photography in Kingston, the Jamaica Observer reports. Browne, best known for Third World Cop, directed and produced this film from a script he wrote in 2001. The screenplay won the 2006 Hartley Merrill International Screenplay award at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France.

Ghett’a Life, is an action packed drama that introduces newcomer Kevoy Burton as Derrick, a teenager from a politically divided inner city community. Derrick’s dream of becoming a great boxer, unites those around him. In addition, the film boasts a cast of experienced Jamaican actors including Chris McFarlane, Winston ‘Bello’ Bell, Teddy Price, Munair Zacca and Carl Davis and features for the first time in a Jamaican film, Jamaican born Canadian-based actress Karen Robinson. Emerging talent O’Daine Clarke, Kadeem Wilson and Lisa Williams also shine in leading roles with boxing legend Lennox Lewis and local boxing luminaries Shrimpy Clarke and Carl Grant adding immensely to the project.

The team behind Ghett’a Life included top notch local film crew supporting acclaimed cinematographer, Bobby Bukowski. Bukowski’s last film The Messenger was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Ghett’A Life‘s Line Producer, Natalie Thompson says “We are very pleased to have been able to complete the filming of Ghett’A Life on schedule. We owe our deep gratitude to the residents of Rose Town, Craig Town, Allman Town, Grants Pen, Mountain View and South Side for their support and cooperation over the past six weeks and a huge thank you to our tireless crew and cast.”

This US$1.2 Million project was fully funded by Jamaican investors through Private Equity Funding raised by Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited. “This is a great project and we hope it heralds more investment in this niche of our exciting entertainment industry.” sys Donovan Perkins, President & CEO of PanCaribbean.

The film will now go into post-production before being screened at film festivals internationally in early 2011. Release is scheduled in Jamaica for Summer 2011.

For the original report go to http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Movie-Ghett-a-Life-wraps-on-schedule_7933116

Image: Scene from Chris Browne’s Third World Cop.

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