“My Way”: Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw’s New Release and Tour

Jamaican Grammy-winning reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall singer Lady Saw is set to release her new album My Way on September 7, 2010. The record, her first with Toasting Music/Diva Records, follows the 2007 release Walk Out, her final album on the reggae label VP Records. On a tour that started this month, she performed today (September 4) at Dancehall Stylee in Vineland, New Jersey. She will participate on September 6 in the Labor Day Parade/West Indian Carnival in Brooklyn, New York, and on October 9, she will perform at the Miami Carnival in Miami, Florida.

A Dancehall.mobi review describes, “Born Marion Hall, Lady Saw remains true to her sexually empowering, cheeky lyricism on My Way, but with an eye on reaching a wider audience. Whether it’s liberating anthems like ‘Every Way Mi Go’ and ´Party ‘til December´ or her uncut delivery on ´Muscle Control’ and ‘5 Minutes,’ this 16-track collection is jam-packed with radio ready tunes and the hardcore style that put Saw on the map with her massive 1994 debut release Lover Girl.”

Lady Saw explains, I have grown over the years. People ask me, ‘are you toning down’? I say, the nasty stuff is still there, just not as over the top. They still gonna really get the raw Lady Saw, especially when I perform. But, I wanted to make a record for everyone.”

For full review, see http://www.dancehall.mobi/2010/08/24/look-out-for-lady-saws-my-way-september-7/ and http://bajanreporter.com/?p=16591

For purchasing information and to preview songs, go to http://www.amazon.com/My-Way-Lady-Saw/dp/B003XMKN1I

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