Theater: Raymi Sambo’s “Huid!”

Huid! [Skin] is the title of the latest play of director/actor Raymi Sambo (Curaçao, 1971). It will premiere on October 2, 2010, at 8:30pm, at the Theater aan het Spui in The Hague (Netherlands).

With a cast that includes Raymi Sambo, Mike Libanon, Everon Jackson Hooi, Urmie Plein, Jaike Belfor, Naomi Mac Donald, and Kenneth Herdigein, Huid! is a play about discrimination in Dutch Caribbean communities, even at the center of the family. The advertisement says, “What if you don’t have the good nose, the good hair, and you have not inherited the lightest skin color of the family? Huid! is about the universal quest of what lies beneath your skin, who you are regardless of your color, origin, and gender.”

On his twenty-first birthday, Steve, youngest of a Dutch Antillean family, goes against their norms. For his domineering mother, “Black” is the same as “weak, lazy, poor, ugly, and aggressive” [“We are not black, we are brown.”] Steve seeks to reaffirm his identity and wants the family to accept his new girlfriend. When he brings her home to meet them, this has a greater impact on the family members than expected.

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