Singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona back with new album

Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, born in the Caribbean coastal city of Antigua, speaks about his new album, Poquita ropa.

 “Everything began like songs always begin: while strumming the guitar or playing the piano in desperate search for the most important song in the universe. The author does not admit that his song is not the most important of all times until he steps down from the clouds and realizes that it will only be the best song he has written while he finishes the next. In reality, when songs are finished, the author and those who have worked on the album feel a necessity to ornate the song. A strumming section to solemnize the chorus, percussion’s to accompany the verses, electric guitar to promote it, acoustic to accompany, drums for the power, bass to tie it up and you get the picture. The reality is that in many cases, at the end of the road, you end up with songs that are awkward, like a girl that day of her sweet sixteen. Stunning with all the glamorous adornment, however struggling to defend herself while wandering around.

So this time around the songs were kept as they were in its original state, with only a few additions when it felt sufficiently justifiable and natural to be changed, without complexities. It sounds easy, but the process was actually very difficult. First off, because we had to convince all the talented people who worked on the album that the songs should stay in its simplest form without adding much to them. It is easy to say, yet difficult to convince everyone when there is always someone who has a brilliant idea that strikes them for a song. Today, after listening to the album time and time again, I have concluded that its name is the most important initiation I have done in my life. Possibly because I never knew how to name an album with the title it deserved.

With Poquita Ropa the songs feel good and I feel great because it is the album I have always wanted to make.”

Poquita Ropa, produced by Arjona and Dan Warner, was recorded in Miami, FL; Los Angeles, Ca; Nashville, TN; New York and in Mexico City. The first single, “Puente” is already playing on radio channels internationally, and the video is circulating on main specialized television channels. “Puente was one of those songs, in which the content made it suitable for this project and although we intended to keep it in its original form, it allowed itself to put on that Caribbean beat that feels Cuban” commented Arjona about his new single.

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