Benny Moré remembered

The people of Santa Isabel de las Lajas placed a wreath on the grave of the singer Benny Moré, after a pilgrimage to the local cemetery on the occasion of the artist´s 91st birthday. Accompanied by local authorities and the people from Lajas, Hilda Moré,the singer’s eldest daughter, led the march from the center of town to the gravesite, declared a National Monument last November.
“El Bárbaro del Ritmo” (The King of Rhythm), as he was known in Cuba and much of Latin America, asked to be buried in his hometown, located in the central-southern province of Cienfuegos, 149 miles southeast of Havana.
The group walked to the cemetery to the beat of a Moré’s songs, performed by the municipality’s Concert Band. Other commemorations included a party featuring Canchánchara (a popular Cuban cocktail) in the Conuco (name of the artist´s farm) and a photographic exhibition at the Public Library of Lajas.

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