Theater adaptation of Roumain’s Gouverneurs de la Rosée

Jacques Roumain’s literary classic, Gouverneurs de la Rosée (Masters of Dew), has been adapted for the stage by Jan Mapou, owner of Miami’s popular Haitian bookstore, Libreri Mapou. It was performed yesterday in Kreyol and English at the Miami-Dade Auditorium,  with live music by Kiki Wainwright.

 Written by the founder of Haiti’s Community Party, Jacques Roumain, the novel calls on farmers to raise their pitchforks for a better life: “We don’t know yet what a force we are… Some day, when we get wise to that… we’ll call a General Assembly of the Masters of the Dew, a great big coumbite of farmers, and we’ll clear out poverty and plant a new life.”
For additional information you can contact Jan Mapou at

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