Taste T&T: Trinidad and Tobago’s Culinary Festival

Trinidad & Tobago is hosting its culinary festival, Taste T&T, from September 2 to 26, 2010. The organizers expect the festival to be well attended by “global gourmands seeking an extraordinary culinary experience that fuses multi-ethnic heritage and indigenous flavors.”  The festival is hosted in part by the Tourism Development Company (TDC) and will feature workshops led by celebrity chef Rahman “Rock” Harper, season 3 winner of the reality cooking series, “Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen” and Danish chef and restaurateur, Claus Meyer.  See description and contact information below:

“Trinidad & Tobago is blessed with a delicious diversity of foods and unique cooking styles,” said Ernest Littles, TDC’s president and director of tourism. “The TDC recognizes the importance of our indigenous cuisine as one of the main attractions of the destination and are working on expanding our brand through an enhanced program of local and international initiatives that will increase awareness and culinary diplomacy.”

More than 400 professional and aspiring chefs are expected to take part in the culinary workshops scheduled for September 2 and 3. The program will focus on chef training, catering, sessions for culinary students and lecturers, local chefs and persons employed in the culinary industry. Following the workshops, the TDC will launch a nation-wide, roving community food festival which will highlight the home-grown culinary styling of three communities—Toco, Tunapuna, and Debe/Barrackpore. In addition to highlighting the talents of local chefs, festival patrons can participate in a family fun-day that includes displays of local crafts and entertainment as well as a farmers’ market.

For more information on Taste T&T Culinary Festival, visit www.gotrinidadandtobago.com or call (800) 816-7541.

For media contacts, Janelle Thadhani and Jennifer Johnson (Cheryl Andrews Marketing), call (305) 444-4033 or write to janelle@cam-pr.com or jennifer@cam-pr.com

Photo (and recipe) of Trinidadian pelau from http://www.simplytrinicooking.com/2008/08/pelau.html

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