Wan Tru Puwema: Suriname’s International Literary Festival

The Aruban poets Olga Buckley and Munye Oduber will be featured this year at the international literary festival “Wan Tru Puwema” in Suriname. The event will be held from November 1 to 5, 2010. There will be a rich representation of writers from the Suriname—such as Clark Accord, Karin Amatmoekrim, Usha Marhé, and Raj Mohan—as well as writers from Belgium, India, the Netherlands Antilles, and South Africa, among other places.

Including a variety of events—book presentations, lectures, critical sessions, and debates—that are open to the public, the Festival is organized as both a conference and a festival, which is why the organizers are calling the activity a ‘confest.’ The writers will discuss, write, and present on the subject of multilingualism. They will also visit schools and speak to students about their craft and experiences with multilingualism. The conference activities will result in a publication on multilingualism, which will be published in March 2011.

The literary festival is called “Wan tru puwema” because they are the first words of a poem by the Surinamese writer Trefossa (pen name of Henri Frans de Ziel, 1916-1975), in which he wrote about multilingualism. “Wan tru puwema”  is organized by the Surinamese writers ’77 Foundation Writers group in cooperation with individuals and partner organizations from abroad. The participation of the Aruban women writers Olga Buckley and Munye Oduber is made possible through the sponsorship of the Aruba Heritage Foundation and Unoca.

For full article (in Dutch), see http://caribemagazine.nl/bloggen/literatuur/arubaanse-dichters-naar-literair-festival.html

Photo of Trefossa from http://avonden.radio6.nl/2008/01/

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