New Issue: Africultures’ “Emergence Caraïbe”

A special issue of Africultures (No. 8081), Emergences Caraïbes: une création théâtrale archipélique, was edited by Sylvie Chalaye (University of Paris III) and Stéphanie Bérard (University of Virginia). This issue focuses on contemporary theater in the Caribbean, particularly in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

From the standpoint of aesthetics, spaces, historical, and cultural issues, this volume aims to cast light on the plurality of artistic creation in Guadeloupe and Martinique. The archipelagic condition supposes fragmentation and diffraction, but “one learns to cultivate diversity and to maintain all aerial roots of all hybridizations.” The editors wanted to put forth “the effervescence of an astonishing ultramarine creativity” and to make known “the voices of this contemporary creation.” They deal with the dramatic expressions of the islands as “real objects of study” within their full aesthetic, historical, and sociological scope.

Chalaye and Bérard refer to the emergence of artistic creativity of the Caribbean, particularly in Guadeloupe and Martinique as an “e-margence”, a reclaiming of and focusing on the margins. The editors explain: “Although the archipelagic space creates difficulties in circulation and transmission, this peculiarity is also an assumed plurality, a dazzling explosion that defends métissage and [cultural] blending. This ‘e-margence’ is nourished by marronnage [Maroon resistance], and is not afraid of the discomforts endured along the navigation routes; it is intimately linked to the birth of a diasporic consciousness that has no other choice than to reinvent the unpublished word.”

For more information (in French), see and

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