New Book: Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s Bloody Twist

Gedachten in Gedichten writes about Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s new book Bloody Twist (June 2010).  Cuban-born award-winning Garcia-Aguilera is the author of the popular Lupe Solano Series, featuring Solano, “a wealthy, sultry, and quick-witted Cuban-American private investigator who lives and works in Miami.” She is also the author of Bloody Waters (1996), Bloody Shame (1997), Bloody Secrets (1998), A Miracle in Paradise (1999), Havana Heat (2000), Bitter Sugar (2001), and One Hot Summer (2002). Bloody Twist, the continuation of the Lupe Solano saga, has recently been published after an 8-year hiatus. See excerpts with a link to the full article below:

Two years after having been shot in Bitter Sugar, fiery heroine Lupe Solano is back on the job. Tommy MacDonald, Miami’s premiere criminal defense attorney and Lupe Solano’s sometimes lover, needs help with a case involving his new client, the mysterious Madeline Marie Meadows. Twenty-two-year-old Ms. Meadows is Miami’s highest paid call-girl. Although Ms. Meadows has not been charged with any crime, she hires MacDonald as a result of the murders of two men she has relationships with. Although Tommy is drawn to Ms. Meadows, he is skeptical of her story and asks Lupe to begin an investigation.

Garcia-Aguilera’s critically-acclaimed writing has shattered stereotypes and expanded boundaries for Hispanic women throughout her career. Her books are celebrated for their rich detailed portrayal of the Cuban community in South Florida, while exploring its unique culture, and the clashes and conflicts between the generations.

Garcia-Aguilera’s experience running a successful private investigation agency adds another unique dimension to her writing and gives it a realism not found in other mystery novels. Her writing has received numerous awards, including the shamus for Havana Heat (Best Private Eye novel of 2000), and the Flamingo for A Miracle in Paradise (Nest Florida’s Mystery of 1999). Garcia-Aguilera’s novel One Hot Summer, a love story set in Miami, was made into a feature film for Lifetime Television and anchored the network’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. The film recently received a 2010 Imagen Award nomination.

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